Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Phew lega. It was a fierce competition. I'd say far more different than the last time I entered this competition, which was maybe 3 years ago. Everybody seems confident, every project seems has potential to win gold medal.

Alhamdulillah, I think I have presented quite well. I was not nervous, I managed to delivered as I planned... at the beginning 😬. But then, I think after that, it was not so bad, but not so good either. I wasn't really prepared with all the answers to the judges' questions. I managed to answer, but if I have prepared, I might do better. Might. The worst thing was our system didn't work as we desired 😖😣 even though we have tested it beforehand. Anyway, it's all happen with Allah's will. I'm in a way still kinda positive. I believe in Allah's plan 😊.

I hope after the judging session, I'd feel less tiring. But I guess not. Still I feel so exhausted 😵. I long to sleep earlier but with so many house chores to do, I can't. Rite now, still waiting for the laundry to be finished washing. Then I need to hang all the clothes 😞. Tuesday is a laundry day indeed, nothing I can do about it or else the kids don't have a clean uniform to school. So, maybe l can sleep earlier tomorrow. Or maybe I should just take an emergency leave tomorrow 🤓 & spend the day sleeping 😴💤. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tragedi Oktober

It's a very busy month for me. My calendar is full with meetings, courses, due dates & events. Fortunately, the course that has been scheduled on the last week of the month is postponed to December. Fuhh. Lega.

Next week, there'll be Innovation Day at work & I'm the project leader. Got to work harder to ensure the success 💪🏻. Seriously, I'm kinda afraid if I might dissappoint my project members if we lose even though they don't put the pressure on me. But still, as the project leader, I feel responsibled. InshaaAllah. The gold medal will be ours 🏆.

Since, I'll be free on the last week of the month due to the postponed course, if possible I'd like to take a long holiday. I guess cos I'm so tired rite now, but can't even take a day off, I feel that way. Well we'll see. Most importantly, hope I can survive next week. 😌😁

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Honey turns 5

Dah besar anak Mama, Honey. Dah 5 tahun! ✋🏻

It's a busy month for me or else I might take a leave just to spend with Honey. Hence, I target next year since it'll be the last year before Honey entering a primary school, I wanna spend a day with her on her birthday. InshaaAllah.

Alhamdulillah Honey membesar dengan sihat. Petah bercakap. I can actually have a real conversation with her.

Honey juga kakak yang baik kepada Iman. Walaupun di rumah kerap juga bergaduh, but I know she actually cares about Iman & Iman loves her too. At school, as the teacher said, she really protects Iman. I know I can count on you to take care of young lil sis.

Honey masih menyusu dalam botol lagi. Hehee, tapi dah kurang la. Itu pun, we're the one who put the restriction. Bila nak tido je minum susu. Tapi kadang2 terlebih juga.

Makan ikut mood. Kadang2 kuat makan, kadang2 kurang. She's a picky eater. Stressed gak Mama nak masak.

Huhuu sorry Honey, Mama feels sleepy already 😵. To make this short, I just wanna say, you may have flaws, but it's ok... I'll still love you ❤. You're just 5 years old. There's a long way to go. Just a be a kid. I'm really grateful to have you as my daughter 😘. TQ for a wonderful 5 years! Alhamdulillah.

Actually I wrote the above 👆🏻, yesterday, on Honey's birthday but I couldn't post it using the app. Again, iPhone dissappoints me 😒.