Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Ohh I guess I need to share my latest crush.

It's a game called Episode. I encountered it during my cuci mata session at instagram. Just installed it then & tried it out.

So lazy to describe the game. Ok briefly, it's actually a game where there are lots of stories. So it's just like reading a novel, a laid-back one where you can watch the characters & make a decision for them but with limitation. Right now, I only got 4 passes for every 4 hours means I can only read 4 episodes every 4 hours. Of course, if I want more or can't wait for 4 hours, I can buy the pass which I won't. I think that's what make it more interesting. No matter how hooked I am, I just have to stop after reading 4 episodes. There's a limitation call gem too when you have to choose, but just ignore it. Just pick anything free.

I'm a geek & a nerd at heart 🤓. So being a nerd I am, I love reading. But since being a mother, I can hardly find the time. Sometimes I just don't want to start reading cos I'll be hooked & it'll consume time. With 2 kids to look after, meal to cook, house chores... buried myself in a story book is not a good choice 😌.

Now I find this game, I feel like my inner desired has been fullfilled 😁. It's good to actually read again without feeling guilty. So far, I have finished reading 3 stories & 2 are in progress. My current reading titled 'Party Girl' is hilarious. Fine, I picked it under comedy genre, but I don't expect it to be actually funny. Can't wait to gain the passes to continue reading. But not desperate enough to purchase the pass of course 😊.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Almost end of The Month

Alhamdulillah October is almost over. Not that I'm looking forward for the coming November though.

As I said in the previous post, October is a crazy month, be it personally & work wise. Work-wise, alhamdulillah, the innovation day has over & tomorrow, I need to send my SKT. Talking about the innovation day, we didn't win gold medal. Just managed to win silver, alhamdulillah. The thing is we were only 1 mark behind to win the gold medal 😪. Blame it on the system hardware failed to work during judging session 😖. Everything happens with Allah's will. InshaaAllah, just like one of my project members said, there'll be bigger rezqi for us 😊.

Actually I want to talk about personal stuff that contributes to this month's craziness not work related stuff. I guess I'll continue in the next post. 
Eh i wrote the above last nite, but forgot to publish it.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Iman

Happy Birthday my Dearest! 😘❤️❣️

Today is Iman's birthday! To be honest I almost forgot. Just remember it when I check the calendar. Not that she's less special. It just that, with the party & celebration were over, & I don't plan to arrange another, seems like nothing is ongoing in my personal calendar, at least on this crazy month.

I think I have written about this before. Iman's like a bonus in our life. Honey completes ours, that we couldn't ask for more. A bonus is certainly welcome & like a double happiness. 

At age of 3, Iman makes all of us including Honey laugh with her cheeky but innocent acts. She's not as cheeky & playful as Honey at this age. She's actually quite reserved around stranger. So orang memang nampak dia as budak baik. But she's a good lil kid anyway. Tak demand & tak banyak songeh. Senang nak jaga. Except for her firmness when she already decided something. Hard to reasoning with. Tapi Mama senang je. Buat tak tau bila dia start mengamuk sebab tau pujuk pun takkan berkesan. Biasanya tak lama. Nanti dia akan datang sendiri & cakap, "Nak Mama...". At least it works for me since I guess I'm her most favorite person.

Iman hanya menyusu botol bila di tadika. Jadi senang sikit keje Mama. But still most of the time Iman only wants to sleep next to me. Bukan setakat sebelah... Kalau tido tu mesti mengereng mengadap dia atau pun terlentang je. Tak boleh membelakangkan langsung. Mesti kene tarik supaya mengadap dia balik. Pastu suka jadikan perut Mama as her pillow. So it just hard for me to sleep if she's still hasn't sleep.

Iman still cakap pelat. But she loves singing. Bahasa dia lah. Kadang² dengan penuh perasaan. It's funny to watch. Nampak macam lemah lembut budaknya. Tapi actually boleh tahan gangster especially with Honey. Nasib baik Honey kakak yang baik, so sabar je lah tengok si adik jeles tak bertempat. Kalau Mama sikat rambut Honey dulu pun Iman tak puas hati. Ditolaknya Honey, pastu menyelit between me & Honey.

Iman absolutely kesayangan semua. As anak 'bongsu', I guess she can remains as a baby as long as she wants. Honey pun kadang² still kata Iman baby. & I know, I'll miss her as a baby as she becomes a big girl.

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